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Siddhartha - This book gave me much more than I was expecting. I started reading it because a) it was free, and b) I saw it on a list of books that had been banned or challenged, and wanted to see why. I can only imagine it ever being challenged in the Bible belt maybe, with it's focus on a journey to Nirvana.The parts of the book where Siddhartha is alone, pondering, are the best, in my opinion. Hesse's description of Siddhartha's thoughts, realizations, and philosophy are wonderful. In the middle of the book, the recounting of the action within the story, the physical happenings, encounters and conversations, leave something to be desired, for me, up until Vasudeva.I think if I had read this book a year ago I wouldn't have liked it that much or really got it. The lengthy descriptions of Siddhartha's enlightened thoughts would have felt over the top or frivolous. If you've ever had a sort of --Oh. Oh I understand now. This is what life is all about.-- transcendent experience, I recommend this book. If not, I'd come back to it later. :)